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  • equipment:
    • Laterna magica book series:
      • "Metz Blitzsysteme" (Heiner Henninges)
      • "Canon EOS 100" (Thomas Maschke)
      • and many others!
    • "Mecablitz-Blitztips" (Metz-Werke, Technischer Kundendienst): excellent publication available from Metz, Germany on the use of their products; snail-mail: Metz Werke GmbH & Co. KG; Postfach 2035; 90710  Fürth; FRG
  • portrait etc.:
    • "The Portrait — Professional Techniques and Practices in Portrait Photography" (several authors); Kodak books; by Eastman Kodak Company, 1993; publication O-24; CAT No. E102 1443; ISBN 0-87985-513-4: infos on lighting and much more (also e. g. wedding photography); examples are too perfect and beautiful!
    • "Neue Porträt-Fotografie" (Günter Spitzing); Augustus Verlag, Augsburg; 1994: bad — lots of unintentionally ugly-looking example images (due to technique and aesthetics); author mistakenly transforms his knowledge on BW photography to colour prints (like taking photographs on an overcast day to have evenly exposed pictures that can be corrected with different BW paper grades later; results in dull colour images) and does not have any idea what fill-in flash really means (lighten shades instead of overexpose persons — resulting in artificially looking pictures); hardly infos on lighting techniques; too few light sources used (one!?)
    • "Aktfotografie" (John Hedgecoe), Gondrom Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Bindlach; 1991; original version: "Nude Photography" (John Hedgecoe); Dorling Kindersley Ltd., London; 1984: very good — lots of very good and variant examples (anything but pornographic), detailed tips on lighting for each image (!), background information on intention, philosophy (what do you want to emphasize) and history (how it has been done before) — and cheap (< 25 DM)
  • darkroom work:
    • "Vergrößern mit allen Finessen" (Prof. Dr. Otto Croy); Heering-Verlag in Seebruck am Chiemsee; 1970 (old!): old-fashioned but excellent book on darkroom work, chemicals, techniques, tricks (like e. g. correcting perspective of architecture shots in darkroom)
    • "Vergrößern SW — das neue Lehrbuch fürs Schwarzweiß-Labor" (Günter Spitzing); Augustus Verlag, Augsburg; 1995: modern layout; redesigned reprint of an older bestseller
  • misc.:
    • Kodak books: misc. themes
    • Augustus Verlag books: misc. themes
    • "Das ABC der Bildgestaltung mit EOS-Kameras" (Canon Europa N. V.), German Edition ZC6-2804GER0692: some very good image examples; cheap (5 DM) or possibly for free
    • brochures
    • data sheets: camera and film manufacturers like Canon, Kodak, Fuji, Ilford etc. send their data sheets for free; Metz publishes important material on flash photography ("Metz Blitztips")
    • magazines: many magazines around, some of them very expensive; but providing useful and up-to-date information on equipment, techniques and artistic aspects of photography
    • scripts: some universities offering courses in photo design etc. sell cheap but scientifically founded material on optics, image composition etc.
    • RTFM! (Read the fucking manuals!)

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